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Sr. Data Engineer

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Quick Facts

JDA Software
Hyderabad, IN

Job description

Who Are We?

Luminate Clearance Price/ Luminate Market Price part of the JDA® Luminate Retail family uses artificial intelligence to learn the interactions between price and demand changes. Price elasticities differ from product to product, and from store to store; so does the optimal price point. Now, you can automatically set revenue and profit-maximizing prices for different stages in a products life cycle. This powerful software as a service (SaaS) solution is built on JDAs cognitive, real-time, connected platform technology and can be integrated into a variety of ERP and e-commerce solutions using standardized APIs.

Role & Experience: Sr. Software Engineer with 4-6 Years

Technical Skills


Strong python background with expertise in typical data science libraries like pandas, numpy, dask

Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable data engineering application. Experience in structuring enterprise software (distributed systems, service architecture)

Fluent in typical software engineering tasks like repository versioning (git), testing (unit, integration), CI/CD

Passion for software craftsmanship and interest in modern methods such as Kanban, TDD and pair programming

Interest in data handling with modern tools such as Apache Airflow, Apache Parquet, and Presto

Data affinity, curious for gaining insights from data

Nice to have

Exposure to developing, maintaining and operating Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions

Experience in DevOps culture and processes

Understanding of and experience with real-time/event-driven data processing applications; knowledge of concepts, tools: message queues/brokers, pubsub model, lambda vs kappa architecture patterns, streaming data processing,

Exposure to Azure, Docker, Kubernetes


A good team player who has to work together with our machine learning experts, engineers and project managers to advance our data science products

Design and develop data-intensive distributed systems in Python with a focus on data engineering

Support on-boarding new customers with your expertise in organizational or data-intensive tasks

Work in an agile team with emphasis on quality, testability, and automation
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