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Service Reliability Engineer - AMP Analytics Applications & Big Data


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Quick Facts

Bengaluru, IN

Job description

The Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) position requires a mix of strategic engineering and design along with hands-on, technical work. A successful candidate will have experience in being a Systems Administrator that has moved on to DevOps/Automation in their career. The SRE will configure, tune, and troubleshoot multi-tiered systems to achieve optimal application performance, stability and availability. The SRE will work closely with the systems engineers, network engineers, database administrators, monitoring team, and information security team. For this position, strict application security and high availability requirements must be balanced to achieve optimal solutions.

The successful candidate will be highly self-motivated with a passion for excellence, quality and detail. The SRE will not only support operations, but also work closely with the development engineers within the team to aid in architectural design and assist with the implementation of complex features.

Responsibilities of the SRE include the following

Engage and improve life cycle of service from inception and design, to deployment, operation, migration and sunsets.

Ensure Service level SLAs are met, Experience working with different teams to coordinate and execute high level projects.

Write, review and develop code and documentation that solves the hardest problems that live on some of the largest and most complex systems in the World.

Passion for quality and automation, an ability to understand complex systems and a desire to constantly make things better.

Set priorities and work efficiently in a fast-paced environment - Measure and optimize system performance - Strong interpersonal skills. Demonstrate ability to deliver results on time with high quality.
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