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  • amazon-web-services

Quick Facts

Hyderabad, IN

Job description

We are looking for a bright and exceptional Principal Engineer to join our core infrastructure technology team in Hyderabad.

The core-infrastructure team builds and maintains the IT infrastructure which is the foundation of the firms technology platform. The group builds and manages stable, scalable and secure infrastructure for the firms growing need.

What youll do

  • Help build the next generation of IT infrastructure e.g. containers infrastructure using Docker & Kubernetes

  • Create, consult on and review architectural decisions of infrastructure projects/products

  • Build and maintain the firms critical IT infrastructure such as Linux, Windows, Git, DNS,

Kerberos, Syslog, Apache, Perl, Python, E-mail, Ansible, ELK

  • Safeguard the firms and its customers data

  • Minimize the risk of system failures and ensure that controls are in place to detect failures

  • Work with tech teams to ensure infrastructure scales dynamically based on the usage pattern

  • Mentor engineers to build new areas of competency

What youll need

  • 8+ years of experience in system administration/software engineering

  • Strong programming experience in Python/C/Go/Haskell

  • Good knowledge of Unix system, web technologies, and AWS

  • Experience with tools and processes that will help you manage, understand, and debug large, complex distributed systems

  • Attention to detail and quality, and the ability to work well in and across teams

  • Excellent analytical and reasoning skills

  • Strong communication skills

Job Location: Hyderabad

Experience (Years): 9-13 Years
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