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Deep Learning Engineer - Semantic Segmentation


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Quick Facts

Cupertino, CA, US

Job description

Do you have a passion for deep learning and computer vision problems? We are looking for someone who thrives on collaboration and wants to push the boundaries of what is possible today!

Join our team of committed deep learning engineers in the Video Computer Vision group! We are a centralized applied research and engineering organization responsible for developing real-time on-device Computer Vision and Machine Perception technologies across Apple products.

As a member of the Video Computer Vision group you will develop new technologies in the area of scene understanding and reasoning for Apples next generation products.

We are looking for a skilled deep learning and computer vision engineer for our team. In this role, you will perform research and development work to design algorithms for challenging real world problems in the domain of scene understanding and reasoning.

Your key responsibilities in this role are:
Research, design and implementation of machine learning/deep learning algorithms
Benchmarking and fine tuning of machine learning/deep learning algorithms
Optimizing these algorithms for real time and low power constraints
Support algorithm integration into Apple products
Collaboration with teams across Apple with multidisciplinary skills
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