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Analytics Support Engineer


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Quick Facts

Cupertino, CA, US

Job description

around the world every day. Youll work closely with top engineers throughout Apple to understand how to leverage a comprehensive set of analytics frameworks to take full advantage of our diagnostics capabilities to write OS-optimized, high- performance code and process the resulting diagnostic data for hundreds of millions of iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS devices, and more!

A successful Analytics Support Engineer will possess a passion for data (design, collection, processing, and analysis), strong organizational and interpersonal skills, ability to collaborate optimally to build and maintain strategic relationships, and demonstrate an aptitude for taking the initiative. This role will play a critical part in ensuring continued delivery of high performance solutions for Apple devices by promoting a data first approach to quality.

We know that the best support experience is one that doesn't happen. So we're constantly analyzing our customer inquiries to resolve how we can enable our engineering customers to resolve issues themselves. Strategies include: crafting a knowledge base, coordinating training classes, recording training videos, providing feedback to the development teams, and crafting self-service tools to meet customer challenges.

In this role, you will:

- Work with the engineering teams to investigate data pipeline issues to ensure reliable data for customers.

- Work with privacy team to ensure our data collection is aligned with privacy guidelines.

- Identify and report analytics adoption progress, trends, and issues faced by Apple engineering teams.

- Assess customers support needs and provide comprehensive solutions.

- Identify and put into action practices to make it easier for customers to resolve issues themselves.

- Review and analyze customer code and provide feedback on accepting our frameworks.
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